Wednesday Night

Wednesday is the largest night of the week for Radius Student Ministries. We gather together to worship, pray, and to listen to relevant teaching. This is custom tailored to the students level to explain the Gospel in their context. If your student loves to play dodgeball, video games, run around, and jump around, this is the place for them.


Huddles meet every Sunday night at 6:00 pm. During this time, the groups dive into God’s word to find out how to make it applicable to their lives. This is ran by our awesome team members! Each group fellowships togetherover a variety of activities. (Going out to eat, trips, overnighters, etc.)

General Information

You can find out more about Radius Student Ministries by talking with any of our students or any of our other team members. We know the importance of community and hope in a teenagers life. We are here to love and to share hope.